30HPE Marine Engine


Models: 30HPE 250 - 30HPE 225 - 30HPE 180 - 30HPE 145

FNM® 4-cylinder 30HPE engine is conceived according best-seller F1C platform requirements. The engine uses a common-rail fuel injection system controlled by an electronic control unit developed in house, especially made for it.

The result is a high power-to-displacement ratio unit.


ECU developed in house

The engine electronic control unit (ECU) has been conceived after a 10-year development project carried out by R&D team; it is especially designed for HPE marine engines application. The ECU controls common rail system parts and included unique control stategies which can be personalized according customers’ request. It guarantees excellent performances with limited emissions.

High level performances

Set either for recreational use, where the engine reaches up to 184kW (250HP), or for any commercial purpose, where it can achieve up to 3000h/year, this unit guarantees excellent performances at each kind of operating condition.

Technical data

Engine designation 30HPE 250 30HPE 225 30HPE 180 30HPE 145
Crankshaft Power [kW] (hp) 184 (250) 165 (225) 132 (180) 107 (145)
Propeller shaft power [kW] (hp) 180 (245) 161 (220) 129 (176) 104 (141)
Engine speed [min-1] 4100 4100 3800 3800
Displacement [l] (in3) 3,0 (183) 3,0 (183) 3,0 (183) 3,0 (183)
Number of cylinders 4 4 4 4
Alesaggio/corsa [mm] (in) 95,8/104 (3,77/4,04) 95,8/104 (3,77/4,04) 95,8/104 (3,77/4,04) 95,8/104 (3,77/4,04)
Compression ratio 18:1 18:1 18:1 18:1
Dry weight with TM 485A [kg] 385 385 385 385
Dry weight with ZF 485D [kg] 393 393 393 393
Power Rating A A1 B C
Emission compliance RCD Stage II 2013/53/UE, US EPA Tier III (40CFR1042), IMO NOx (30HPE250)

Technical data according to ISO8665. Fuel complies EN590. Merchant fuel may differ in specification and may influence engine power output and consumption. Production tolerance within 5% (of power). Not all models, standard equipment and accessories are available in all countries. All specifications are subject to change without notice.



Technical characteristics

Engine block and head
  • Cylinder block made of cast-iron
  • Cylinder head made of aluminium
  • 4-valve per cylinder technology with hydraulic lash adjusters
  • Double overhead camshafts
  • Automotive-class availability of service and parts
  • Metal chain gear

Engine mounting
  • Flexible engine mounting

Lubrication system
  • Easily replaceable oil filter, on top of engine
  • Easily to inspect or replace oil separator, on top of engine
  • Double oil vapour filter technology
  • Integrated cooler with engine’s coolant

Fuel system
  • Common rail fuel injection system
  • CMD proprietary ECU
  • Fuel filter with water separator and alarm
Air inlet and exhaust system
  • Commercial-grade air filter
  • Oil vapours vented into inlet air
  • Exhaust elbow or raiser depending on application
  • Coolant-cooled turbocharger
  • Raw-water cooled intercooler

Cooling system
  • Thermostatically regulated freshwater cooling
  • Thermal unit that integrates exhaust manifold, thermostat, tubular heat exchanger and expansion tank
  • Easily accessible seawater impeller pump

Electrical system
  • 12V standard two-pole electrical system
  • 12V-2,3kW starter
  • Alternator 12V-110A
  • Emergency stop button on engine's ECU
  • CANBUS Panel with 8m extension and digital display of engine data

Control panel

Every tachometer intergrates CANBUS technology and spots a multifunction display for monitoring alarms, engine hours, coolant temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, turbo pressure, fuel level, trim angle, rudder angle and water tank level.
Standard CANBUS J1939 can be upgradable to NMEA2000.

Assembled panel (standard for gearboxes applications): integrates tachometer, alarm lights and key block.
Disassembled panel (standard for sterndrive and jetdrive applications): panel with alarm lights and key block, separated tachometer (5", available upon request 4").


Angled gearboxes
  • TM485 A (10°): R. 1,53:1, 2,08:1, 2,60:1
  • ZF 45 A

V-line gearboxes
  • ZF63-IV (12°): R. 1,29:1, 1,56:1, 1,99:1, 2,48:1

In-line and coaxial gearboxes
  • ZF 45 D (in line): R. 1,26:1, 1,51:1, 1,75:1, 1,93:1, 2,48:1, 2,78:1
  • ZF63C (coaxial): R. 1,00:1


  • Single or double electronic CANBUS control station
  • Boiler kit for heating
  • Various length panel extension
  • Second control panel for flybridge installations
  • RACOR and Mediterraneo filters
  • Trolling Valve
  • Additional PTO (ISO4183 Z/SPZ)
  • Steering pump
  • NMEA2000 compatibility kit
  • Wide range of additional instruments

Performance curves


Referred to 30HPE 250

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