BHS Blue Hybrid System


Hybrid marine engine kit

The system puts together all advantages related to both diesel and electric engine: speed, power, wide operating time, zero emission, silence and reduced wave motion. Boat can easily switch from an operation mode to another while it is moving and can pass through marine protected areas without polluting.

Moreover, using traditional engine during navigation, the electric engine can produce power, resetting idle time due to recharge operation at the pier.


Green Power

Fnm hybrid system has a powerful permanent magnet synchronous motor and a compact stacked lithium battery, making easier the switch from normal sailing to hybrid one.
The system has also circuit protecting the engine from overvoltage, leakage of electricity and temperature jumps.

4,3” color standard display

A 4,3” color standard display shows all engines/ generator data, battery status and all parameters necessary to navigation and whole system’s control.

Electronic throttle

Electronic throttle managing both electric and endothermic propulsion.

ECU developed in house

All system is controlled by a CMD ECU developed in house. This control unit, using canbus technology to communicate with all components, allows the user to get easily a high power.

Operating time

From 1h to 4h by LiFePO4 batteries cells put inside an inox steel box 1,5mm thickness.

Technical data

Hybrid System
Hybrid engine designation 8 pole synchronous engine
Electric engine max power [kWe @ rpm] 30 @ 3300
Charging max power [kWe @ rpm] 15 @ 2750
Battery Voltage [V] 96 DC
Battery life [cicli] > 1200
Battery Capacity [Ah] 140
Operating time* till 1 hour with 1 single battery
Hybrid System Weight [kg] 130
Single Battery Weight [kg] 80
Suitable for Different applications
Emission compliance 0 Emissions

Hybrid system

Fnm hybrid system offers new perspectives for commercial and recreational boats. The compact system allows to sail at zero emission, producing energy and propulsion at the same time. Conceived for protected areas navigation, the Hybrid system can be integrated to marine engines, allowing to swich easily from traditional to electrical navigation. Thanks to this system the boat can be used for eco-tourism and can sail in protected and natural areas without polluting.
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Find out more about BHS Blue Hybrid System

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