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CMD "Supply Chain Finance" project is the winner of "Cross-functional Team purchasing" category at "The Procuments Awards" 2018 event.

May 15, 2018

CMD "Supply Chain Finance" project is the winner of "Purchases in Cross-functional Team" category at "The Procurement Awards" 2018, the Italian award for the best Purchasing Depts projects.

During the event, which has been held at Palazzo Litta, a historical building located in Milano, "Supply Chain Finance" project by Mr. Giovanni Mosca, C.M.D. Chief Planning, Budget & Control Officer, got an extraordinary success among the attendees.

Work's content Mr. Mosca introduced has been focused on strategic synergy of Finance and Purchase, able to give Company a meaningful and competitive benefit thanks to the improvement of all Purchasing process.

C.MD. project has got an important financial support by Supply Chain Fund of Groupama Asset Management SGR.

It has been selected by a Scientific Committee, composed of Purchasing Directors of well-known and outstanding international companies, like Lavazza, Ferrero, Alitalia, Alfa Laval, Samsung, Maire Tecnimont, Bracco, Banca Mediolanum, and by Mrs. Antonella Moretto, MBA Executive Director of Politecnico di Milano.

All categories have been partnered by Ayming, HRS, Tesisquare, BCD Travel ed Europcar, which have awarded the winners.

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