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Hybrid powertrains range

FNM Green Future Vision

When speaking of future, sometimes refers to something the will happen, to a moment far from us. And this concept becomes a way to postpone decisions.
In FNM Marine instead we believe that each of us should be active part of change. Until now. Our keywords are Sustainability and environmental safeguard. Protecting marine eco-system is one of our priorities, with business, production and distribution decisions that combine the economic aspect and general welfare.
Welfare not only for men and other human beings that live on the planet, but also everyone that will be to our common home in coming years.

FNM and Sustainability

In order to lead sustainably our business, we have always been convinced that is necessary finding solutions which allow us to respond efficiently about the complexity of the context we operate in. Only then we can move in a direction that combines economic growth, social development and natural heritage safeguard. The attention to the environment of FNM Marine relates to sustainability policies of CMD group, always careful about those aspects.

Green production decisions

Over the years, we have often made green and brave decisions. We have been the first manufacturer to believe in capacities downsizing, and making an automotive into marine engine early as the late 1980s. A very challenging project at that time, that has widely paid off our ambitions. Because after all, is to really believe in what you do, to make difference.

Whatever way you look at it, the future of FNM has always shaped into fuel economy and performance optimization.

These are some our strengths which follow and update them, and we come back again and again.

Our commitment for sustainability and economic transition is real and costant. 

Engineers within FNM, in fact, devote to more than 30% 
of their activities to find valid solutions
for the emissions reduction.
This the challenge that involves all of us like human beings, and as producers, we have to necessarily get to first. Our technicians have already developed systems which allow to further reduce gas emissions produced, aligning with the most restrictive values provided for automotive field.
The results achieved over the years speak for us:
In 2011 we have been first company to present and mass-produce a marine hybrid engine totally design and developed in its R&S department: FNM HYBRID SYSTEM
The HPE series complies with European and American emissions standards in place for 2017.
The range MY2017 is enriched by “Green four-leaf clover” versions which focus on the respect of the environment not only for low emissions but also for using 100% recyclable materials.
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