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Company Profile

Marine engines are the main focus of our work in FNM Marine. We design, develop, produce, test (one by one) and distribute them.

Our goal is contribute to a pleasant, quick and safe navigation but environmental oriented at the same time, thanks to the continuous innovation.

We do that through our engines which always ensure to each boat the perfect mix of power and reliability.

And for this reason too, over the years, we become a globally reference point in the nautical field. In this page, we tell you how and why about it.

Who we are

Our company, founded by Negri’s family, is part of CMD (Costruzioni Motori Diesel) S.p.A. Group and is engaged in design, prototyping and producing of engines and complex solutions for the automtotive, nautical and aviation field.

Before “diving” into our world, we tell you something about us, then you might understand what drive us everyday to give the best in our work. Our goal is finding client solutions which share what we believe in.

Clients and partners choose us because we provide innovative and tailored solutions: FNM marine diesel in-outboard engines ensure efficiency, quality and great performances.

FNM Marine Diesel Engine

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Why choose a FNM Marine Engine

By choosing a FNM Marine engine, you can be sure that behind its performances there are technologies which are the result of operational excellence and became our weapon.
Our reliability reputation is based on unwavering devotion to innovative engineering. We combine expertise, passion and determination to meet our partners needs. Our commitment is unstoppable to provide best propulsion solutions for our clients when engine is off the production line.
With a FNM Marine center assistance network located across the world, we provide an expert and localized after-sales support which you can rely in every moment.

We are in the nautical, commercial and government field.
We reach all over the world.
We move through all seven seas.



Everyone who works in FNM Marine contributes to a high customer-oriented service, because the strong point resides in qualified assistance.

Our modern and articulated structure allows us to meet most demanding clients needs too.

Thanks to the skills of our engineers team everyone contributes to increase overall know-how (more than thirty years) of FNM.

Thereby, the best practices get rich everyday, as well as the personal biographies that are interwined even more with company one. FNM marine diesel in-outboard engines are known from industry enthusiasts and professionals just for their technologies, constantly advanced and functional.

Production plant

The engine production with great potential is not the only our goal. We are strong supporters of:
  • Processes sustainability
  • Standard emissions compliance
  • Fuel economy principles
Those are the guidelines we follow in the our Development and Production Technical Center engines that is located in Atella, Potenza, Basilicata region. Here work about 60 people with high marine experience. This allows us to make a high level production, which is based on complex procedures, production speeds and high flexibility.
Before delivering each single engine, we test it in order to certify quality and reliability.
Every year we assemble
and marinize more
then 1.000 engines.

Research & Development FNM

The engineers and technicians of FNM R&D department have highly skilled in mechatronics.

This makes us independent in the research and development phase of new products, but also allow us to find tailored solutions to meet our clients needs.

We make services for each process step: from design to marine engine development, up to its testing.

We also have technologies and skills to supply the emissions certificate and all necessary documents production related to engines market and their accessories.

We have more design and prototyping 3D systems which help us in the development phase and market costs reduction.

The perfect balance between expertise, creativity and technology to realize a cutting-edge product, entirely Made in Italy.

Research Group CMD

FNM benefits of CMD research group, with also experience in aviation, engine control and micro-cogeneration field.

CMD research group has active research, specific expertise and partnerships projects with universities and private research centers.

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