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Hybrid powertrains range

Contacts and Service FNM

If you need further information about our engines and services or need assistance, please contact us. We will answer you.

Solid collaborations with prestigious partners

In each partnership, FNM Marine has developed and maintained a lasting relationship, both on the basis of exclusive contracts and privileged relationships.

Innovation, quality and trust are the prerogatives of all our collaborations.

Sales Office

Via Antonio Pacinotti, 2
81020 S. Nicola La Strada (CE) - Italia

Tel. +39 0823 424055
Fax. +39 0823 452103
Mail. info@cmdengine.com

After sales service

Nucleo Industriale - Valle di Vitalba 85020
Atella (PZ) - Italia

Tel. +39 0972 715757
Fax. +39 0972 715696
Mail. support@fnm-marine.it

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