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Fnm-marine.it renews its look!

June 28, 2017

Finally we are pleased to introduce you to the new Fnm - Marine Diesel Engine website.

The main goal is to make the FNM enterprise searchable both online and on the major social networks, in order to make it easy for customers to interface with the company and its top quality services. Understanding the seriousness, professionalism and commitment that FNM puts on each of its jobs is of crucial importance to convey the passion behind a deliberate and conscientious preparation of commissioned work.

On the new Fnm-marine.it web site navigation and retrieval of user information are even faster and more intuitive. Equipped with clean graphics, clear and essential menus, colors and texts that allow you to reach the sought-after content with just a few clicks, provides you with more complete information, in-depth technical sheets, simple and accurate descriptions, and an instant search mode.

The new website features "responsive" features, enabling all devices, especially mobile, to navigate it with simplicity and clarity while keeping the original graphic layout.
Within so many new features and content to discover, such as the renewed Blog and Video Channel, which will allow the user to view promotional videos, testdrives, editing phases, exhibitions at industry fairs.

In summary, the desire for change from the point of view of communication goes to the web. All this to let you know the services that FNM offers in the field of the production of high quality diesel marine engines, superior quality and extraordinary performance, all supported by a solid customer support service everywhere.

Contact us now and discover the world of FNM!


Sales Management
Via Antonio Pacinotti, 2
81020 S. Nicola La Strada (CE) - Italia
Telefono: +39 0823 424055
Fax: +39 0823 452103
Email: info@cmdengine.com

Production Plant
Nucleo Industriale - Valle di Vitalba
85020 Atella (PZ) - Italia
Telefono: +39 0972 715757
Fax: +39 0972 715696
Email: support@fnm-marine.it spareparts.fnm@cmdengine.com

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