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Marine Engines 42HPE

Inboard Marine Engine

Models: 42HPE 350 - 42HPE 330 - 42HPE 300 - 42HPE 280 - 42HPE 250 - 42HPE 150

The 42HPE engine was developed on a VM engine basis.

The 42HPE Inboard Marine Engine has these features:

4 stroke turbocharged and aftercooled, direct injection diesel engine with electronically controlled common rail injection.
Cooling controlled by separa- te fresh and salt water circuits, with extractable hoses for easy maintenance.
Lube oil, water and air circuits designed to reduce external flexible pipes to a minimum to reduce loss of liquids in the bilge.
Auxiliary devices driven by Poly-V belt to ensure excellent power transfer and long life compared to traditional versions
Electrical circuit protected by reactivateable valves.

Technical data

Engine model

42 HPE 350

42 HPE 330

42 HPE 300

42 HPE 280

42 HPE 250

42 HPE 150

Max Power

257 kW
350 HP
3800 rpm

242,6 kW
330 HP
3800 rpm

220,6 kW
300 HP
3800 rpm

206 kW
280 HP
3800 rpm

184 kW
250 HP
3800 rpm

110 kW 350
150 HP
3800 rpm

Max Torque

700 Nm
71.4 Kgm
2700 rpm

657 Nm
67 Kgm
2700 rpm

657 Nm
67 Kgm
2700 rpm

657 Nm
67 Kgm
2700 rpm

530 Nm
54 Kgm
2700 rpm

330 Nm
33.6 Kgm
2700 rpm

Number of Cylinders

6 in line


4.164 cc

Bore and Stroke

94x100 mm

Dry Weight

460kg - 1014 lbs




Direct Injection Common Rail


Turbocharged and intercooled

Dimension (mm)

806(h) x 1188(l) x 762(w)


Directive 2013/53/UE

Technical data according to ISO8665. Fuel complies EN590. Merchant fuel may differ in specification and may influence engine power output and consumption. Production tolerance within 5% (of power). Not all models, standard equipment and accessories are available in all countries. All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Top view
Side view
Rear view

Standard technical equipment

SAE flywheel housing

Starter motor 12V

Alternator 12V-110A

Oil and fuel filters

Air filter

Freshwater engine cooling system with seawater heat exchanger

Engine lubricating oil cooled by heat exchanger seawater cooled

Freshwater cooled exhaust manifold and freshwater turbocharger

Bronze seawater circulating pump with impeller in special rubber

Centrifugal pump for freshwater circulation

Drain oil pump

Expansion tank integrated

Stainless steel exhaust gas/seawater mixer

Flexible mounts

Electrical instrument panel with alarms

8 m. panel cable extention

White paint finish


Angled grearboxes

TM880 A (10°): R. 1,53:1, 2,08:1, 2,60:1

ZF 68 D - A
V-line gearboxes
ZF68-IV (12°): R. 1,29:1, 1,56:1, 1,99:1, 2,48:1
In-line and coaxial gearboxes
ZF68C (coaxial): R. 1,00:1

Panel instrument CANBUS

Panel Instrument high brightness 5 “TFT display, with touchscreen and a very simple and intuitive interface.

Here its features:

Engine data acquisition with CANBUS J1939 interface.

Data acquisition from traditional sensors for up to eight analog inputs, five digital inputs and one frequency input.

Acquisition of navigation data with NMEA0183 interface.

Up to five relay command outputs for signals and simple activations.

Alarm monitoring according to approved safety standards.

Automatic brightness adjustment and day / night mode.

USB local connectivity for firmware update and configuration.

The unit is supplied already programmed and ready to work.


Single or double electronic CANBUS

Boiler kit for heating

Various lenght panel extension

Second control panel for flybridge installations

Fuel and seawater filters

Power steering pump

Trolling Valve

NMEA2000 compatibility kit

Wide range of additional instruments

Performance curves

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